We Are Certified! (WHY???)

We Are Certified! (WHY???)

Is your stylist certified and what does this mean?

This is critical for a client to know before any speciality service is provided and you should be asking your stylist this question;

“Are you certified to provide this service?

We all know that stylists have gone through cosmetology school, passed their exams, and are licensed as a cosmetologist in order to work in a salon. Their licenses are all posted in the salon. They take continuing color and cutting classes to stay on top of the current trends (Balayage, anyone??)

But, there are a lot of services that they provide, that they’ve gone through an additional training program for, and received a certification to perform that service.

For example, if you are getting a Keratin Treatment, your stylist should have gone through a class, performed the service with an educator and have a certification to prove it. This does not mean having your stylist go online and watch a YouTube video of the service. It means that they have actually worked with the product on a model with a trainer and they have practiced many times on real people. The same practice applies to Brazilian Blowouts, Hair Extension Application and Removals.

If you have someone applying Lash Extensions, they should have multiple hours of training under a licensed Lash Technician, receive a certification and must go through a practice period before they touch a “live” client. The same applies to Lash Lifts and Lash Tints.

Just so we are clear, let me ask you this…Would you let a dentist, doctor, medical nurse work on you who has received a diploma through an online program, has not been properly trained and has no proof that he is licensed??? Obviously, their work is more extensive, but the bottom line is to protect yourself and don’t assume that everyone has gone through this process. Ask the questions; “Are you certified/licensed? How long have you been doing this? Can I see some of your work? (hello… Instagram)

It’s your hair, your lashes, you be the boss of it.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”- John Ruskin

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