Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening (Thermal Reconditioning)

Japanese hair straightening is designed to give permanent pin straight hair. This revolutionary process takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete and once straightened it lasts up to about a year. A regular touch up is recommended to maintain the beautiful straight look.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

An Innovative technique from Korea & Japan, which creates permanent flat, pin straight hair, while at the same time, preserves the health of the hair. Japanese Hair Straightening uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so the hair lies straight, giving you glossy, smooth, shiny straight hair that requires hardly any blow-drying. The process is revolutionary and results can last from 6 to 10 months. Even better, whatever hair is treated will stay straight permanently and only the re-growth needs touching up.

Our straightening system will leave your hair smooth, and silky straight with little styling required. However we do recommend blow-drying the hair using a natural bristle brush and a downward motion to close the cuticle, and retain moisture in the hair.

Not usually. Because the same amount of time is involved with the retouch, the cost will be the same as the first treatment. All the hair still has to be ironed even though the solution is mainly on the roots.

Whatever gets treated will remain straight and will not become curly or wavy for about a year. The new growth that appears in the months following the treatment will need to be thermally reconditioned again. The new growth usually needs to be treated about 3-5 months after the initial treatment but you can come in for a touch up in 2 months if your hair is extremely curly and grows so fast. The retouch is often more difficult to perform, so it is strongly recommended that you go back to the same stylist as before.

Tints and semi-permanent hair color that deposit color are not a problem at all. It can even be used over highlights.

(CARING FOR YOUR NEW HAIR, STYLING, CONDITIONING, COLORING TIPS) Your hair will require some very specific attention during the first few days after having the Japanese Hair Straightening procedure. Our stylists instruct you not to wash or wet your hair for 2 days after your hair straightening process or you may end up with some curl or wave. Don’t tie your hair into a ponytail, or tuck it behind your ears. Leave you hair perfectly still for at least 3 days. And don’t go to bed with your hair wet. No barrettes, pins or bands. Your hair is still soft and it might develop a line of demarcation where you place the barrettes, pins or bands or you might get a C shape around your ear from tucking it.

A specially designed shampoo and conditioner. A once a week treatment is also a part of keeping your hair in good shape. Then we recommend products like a thermal heat protector when blow-drying to prevent heat damage from your hair dryer and flat iron. The best ones have proteins in them and conditions as you apply the heat.


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