Our Take on the 2023 Golden Globes Looks

2023 golden globes looks

Our Take on the 2023 Golden Globes Looks

Who doesn’t love award shows?

The elite of Hollywood showing off their stuff.

The best part is analyzing their hair, makeup and clothes. 

Who went all out, who went too far and who did it just right?

Read on for what we think about the Golden Globes looks!

Overall Best Style at the 2023 Golden Globes

Best all over is Jenna Ortega (not looking at all like Wednesday Adams)

jenna ortega 2023 golden globes look

Jenna changed up her hair and boy, did she get it right. Going from her natural dark  hair to a reddish brown (perfect for her skin tone).  And then taking it up a notch and removing her length with a choppy flip style bob, lots of texture and graduated curtain bangs.  

Makeup is perfect!

Love this look!!

A Classic Cut and Dramatic Look

Next up, we have Jamie Lee Curtis:

jamie lee curtis 2023 golden globes look

This is her signature pixie cut, which is perfect for her features.  To get that look you need a great stylist and colorist,  Yes, she is all grey, but that tone doesn’t come naturally.  Also, you need to use a purple shampoo and conditioner to cut the brass out.   She is a beautiful woman who knows how to age well, but we are not loving her makeup of dark eyes and pale lips, along with the black dress that just washes her out.

But, we love her!

Fun Red Carpet Flair

Now, onto Jennifer Coolidge:

jennifer coolidge 2023 golden globes look

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love her energy? She seems like so much fun.  And she knows how to create a look that flatters her hair, makeup and body. She is not afraid to be over the top with her appearance.  She admits to plastic surgery (and has overdone it a bit) and yet she embraces what she has.  Her “go to” look is bombshell waves with tons of volume (maybe hair extensions? And her colorist creates the perfect blond blend.

Showstopping Romantic Updo

And the fabulous Salma Hayak:

salma hayek 2023 golden globes look

She is one beautiful lady! And she doesn’t disappoint with this look.  Her hair is set in a perfect romantic updo, with loose strands around her face. 

(And who doesn’t love this Gucci gown which totally flatters all her curves?)

Edgy Look from Ozark Star

And finally, we have Julia Garner (if you haven’t seen Ozark, you must!!)

julia garner golden globes look 2023


If you know Julia, you know she has very curly hair, usually chin length and more of a yellow blond. At the Globes, she went with an icy blonde shade and piecey pixie cut with edgy separated bangs. Again, lots of purple shampoo to keep the brass out.  Because of all her natural curls, she may have had a  smoothing treatment or her stylist did a great job using a flat iron.

Either way, she rocks this look and she rocks everything she does.

These ladies stood out at the Golden Globes 2023.

“Award shows are fun, but completely arbitrary and absurd. And yet, I will watch every single one of them.” -Billy Eichner

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