How to blow dry or finish your hair like a stylist

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How to blow dry or finish your hair like a stylist

How to blow dry or finish your hair like a stylist.

You love the way you look when you leave the salon, but what can you do to recreate that look every day??

Here goes…

Shampoo, condition, and apply styling products that are right for your hair (Ask your stylist!!). The last step, add a heat protectant. (our fave is Aquage Beyond Shine). Put a nozzle on your dryer (to direct heat and not blow your hair all over the place).

Blow dry your hair 80% with a paddle brush, and then pull out the round brush (we prefer 100% boar bristle)…If you plan on using a flat iron or curling tool, add a heat protectant, (our fave is Aquage Beyond Shine).

Looking for a bit more volume, add velcro rollers and leave in for 20 minutes!

So, I asked the staff how they blow dry their own hair and found out there is no “cookie cutter” answer.

Here is what they said;

Alicia; (Senior Stylist) Alicia has very frizzy hair (sorry Alicia, but you do!) so to give her a head start she gets a Brazilian Blow Out every 4 months. She uses the Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner (restores your hair from the inside out) and then applies the Living Proof Restore Blowout Serum. She blowdrys sections (clipping up top) and using a round ceramic brush blow dries under.

Tiffany; (Stylist and Keratin Smoothing Expert) Anyone who has had Tiffany give you a blowout, you know she is the master. She can create curls, out of none, or give that smooth look. And she can do the same on her own hair. Every day is something new and different (and amazing!)

Lisa P; (Lash artist and Stylist) Lisa has fine hair but a lot of it, so she chooses to let her hair air dry and then use a curling iron to bring ou the body of her hair!

Maria; (Esthetician, Bel Viso Day Spa) Maria’s hair always looks amazing (thanks to having the Elle Staff at her disposal). But Maria has also been taught how to create that perfect finish. Her secret…After blow-drying her hair (forward) she finishes off with large velcro rollers all over her head. Leaves in for 20-30 minutes and sprays with a texture spray to keep that volume going all day.

Lisa D; (Owner and boss of us all) She starts with an oil or hydrating cream (depending on the weather) adds a curl cream and Bam…she’s done!!!! (for you non-curly girls who want this look, go for an American Wave)

….and me, I hope and pray one of the stylists will blow me out cause, I admit they are so much better at it than me and it is such a luxury!!

On your next visit, ask your stylist for a lesson (no charge). We just want you to love your hair everyday!

Invest in your hair, It’s the crown you never take off

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