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The Stylists at Elle Hair Salon in Reading, don’t really care if you can pronounce or understand the terms we use, because we usually know what you mean (when you describe the look you want). However, if you’re interested in a quick lesson…here goes…. First, I have to start with “balayage” because it is the number one word that people bungle, and I love how they giggle after they say it, knowing they are way
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2 WEEKS BEFORE PROM -Full Set Lash Extensions -Fresh Haircut and Color -Intermezzo Facial THE WEEK OF PROM -2-week lash extension fill or -Lash Lift & Tint -Organic Spray Tan -Brow Wax and Shaping PROM DAY!! -Hair first -then makeup -then hair retouch -then FUN FUN FUN PROM SPECIAL! BOOK WITH A FRIEND AND YOU BOTH GET 15% OFF ALL YOUR SERVICES
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Hair by @brushedbytiffany Strengthen Weak Hair! After shampooing, always use conditioner to add back moisture, and use a heat protectant to defend against damage when using any heat styling tool. End your shower with a blast of cool/cold water to seal your hair cuticle, making it lay smoothly and stay frizz-free for a longer period of time. Take your Vitamins! First, always follow your doctor’s orders. Everyone needs different types and amounts of vitamins for
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How to blow dry or finish your hair like a stylist. Maria’s Blow Out Looks Amazing! You love the way you look when you leave the salon, but what can you do to recreate that look every day?? Here goes… Shampoo, condition, and apply styling products that are right for your hair (Ask your stylist!!). The last step, add a heat protectant. (our fave is Aquage Beyond Shine). Put a nozzle on your dryer (to
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