Golden Rules for Beautiful Hair


Golden Rules for Beautiful Hair

Strengthen Weak Hair!

After shampooing, always use conditioner to add back moisture, and use a heat protectant to defend against damage when using any heat styling tool. End your shower with a blast of cool/cold water to seal your hair cuticle, making it lay smoothly and stay frizz-free for a longer period of time.

Take your Vitamins!

First, always follow your doctor’s orders. Everyone needs different types and amounts of vitamins for a variety of reasons. For hair, BIOTIN is the “it vitamin”. And you want to make sure they are 10,000 mcg. Elle always has them available for purchase.

Keep It Loose!

Love the Arianna Grande tight top pony! Us too, but sorry, it’s just not good for your hair. It weakens your hair. So keep it loose ladies.

Don’t Do It!

Wet hair is extremely delicate and sleeping with wet hair makes hair more prone to frizz, breakage, and tangles. So, dry your hair before bed! And no cotton pillowcases, silk or satin is best for your hair (and your skin, too!!)

Check out this list of the best pillowcases for healthy hair and skin!

Get a Cut at least every 6-8 weeks to keep ends strong!

I hear so often that people don’t want to get a cut because they want their hair to grow. It just doesn’t work that way. Yes, your hair grows from the follicles on your scalp, but the ends become flyaway with split ends when it is not trimmed. So, regular cuts and trims makes your hair healthier and appear longer. Book online here

Invest in your Hair!

Give your hair some special treatment from time to time. Apply a deep conditioning treatment. Leave in your hair for 15 minutes, rinse and go. Or book one with your next appointment. Book online here

And finally…

What to do when you leave the salon after an in-salon treatment?

Try to hold off washing as long as you can…sometimes painful, but worth it.

After a Hair Color……. try not to wash for 24 hours.

A Keratin Express……. wait 8 plus hours (the longer you wait, the better)

Keratin Smoothing…….wait 72 hours (seems forever, but it’s worth it)

Brazilian Blowouts …….has no “rules” for waiting to wash, as a matter of fact, we wash and blow you out a final time before you leave. But for the longevity of the Brazilian, try to limit your washings. American Wave.….try to wait 48 hours, then come in and let us wash and trim it. AND… most, most, most, IMPORTANT…..use “sulfate free” shampoos (that is the only type we carry) Sulfates will strip all the work you have had done out of your hair!   Elle Salon Quote

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